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The Region of St. Paul Emergency Alert System is operational and is open to the public to go online and register. There is no cost to the public to register on the system. It takes approx. 2 minutes to fill-out the information on-line. For the people that do not have computer access, you can call your local municipal office and have an Alert System Administrator help set you up over the phone.
The system has been used a few times to notify the public on highway closures due to some serious accidents, to community events, and those affected by water line breaks. With winter fast approaching, this system will become valuable in letting the public know of winter storm warnings, highway closures, etc. It’s key to note that you won’t receive these alerts or notifications if you don’t register.
To register on-line go to www.stpaul.ca

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St. Paul - A People Kind of Place

St. Paul is strategically located in the center of the northeast region of Alberta. With a population of 6,004 (Source: Town Census 2014), St. Paul is a major trading center for the surrounding area.

St. Paul's life-support is the rich agricultural land that surrounds the town, supplemented by the oil and gas industries.

But what really sets us apart are the people who call St. Paul home. We've always been "A People Kind of Place!"

24 hr Weather Information
Call 780-645-2015
Frequency: 162.400 MHz  What's Weatheradio?

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