Committees - Council Responsibilities

 Deputy Mayor:
Nov. 1/13 - June 30/14 Judy Bogdan
July 1/14 - Feb. 28/15 Dwight Wiebe                       
Mar. 1/15 - Oct. 31/15 Edna Gervais
Nov. 1/15 - June 30/16 Don Padlesky
July 1/15 - Feb. 28/17 Ken Kwiatkowski
Mar. 1/17 - Oct./17 Norm Noel


St. Paul Airport Kwiatkowski, Bogdan
Alberta HUB (REDA)
Bogdan, Kwiatkowski
Appeal Board-Municipal Planning Commission Kwiatkowski, Padlesky, Bogdan, CAO
Members at Large - Don Zarowny, Claude Dion, Daryl Poirier,
Derek Hovelkamp
St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce
Gervais, Kwiatkowski
Champions for Change Noel, Recreation Director
Community Futures St. Paul - Smoky Lake
Padlesky, Gervais
Concerto Network Gervais, CAO
Court of Revision All Members of Council
Development - Subdivisions All Members of Council
Disaster Services All Members of Council
Direct Marketing Organization Wiebe, Noel
Ashmont/Elk Point Regional Waterline Andersen, CAO
Evergreen Regional Waste Management Services Commission Kwiatkowski,Gervais, CAO
Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)
Wiebe, Padlesky
Fire Protection Noel, Kwiatkowski, CAO
Intermunicipal Development Committee Andersen, CAO
St. Paul Municipal Library
Padlesky, Wiebe
Marketing Committee Wiebe, Noel, Recreation Director, CAO
MD of St. Paul Foundation- Seniors Housing
Padlesky, Andersen
Municipal Planning Commission Wiebe, Noel, Gervais
Northeast Muni Corr Andersen, Gervais
Northern Lights Library Network Wiebe, Padlesky
North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Occupational Health & Safety Bogdan
Physician Recruitment Andersen, Gervais, CAO
Recreation Board Noel, Bogdan
Regional Assessment Review Andersen
Regional Emergency Management Andersen, Padlesky, CAO
Transfer Station Committee Andersen, Kwiatkowski, CAO


First name on each committee is considered Chairperson reporting at Council meetings.
Mayor is automatically an Ex-Officio member of all Council Committees: therefore, it is expected that the Mayor will be kept informed of all decisions made at the Committee level.