Council Meetings

Regular council meetings are every 2nd and 4th Monday at 7pm, except for stat holidays regular meetings will be on the Tuesday.


Bottom Row (left to right): Judy Bogdan, Edna Gervais, Ken Kwiatkowski, Holly Habiak
Top Row (left to right): Norm Noel, Dwight Wiebe, Glenn Andersen, Don Padlesky

To review Council Minutes, please follow this link.

The Council Agendas can be accessed by following this link.  If you would like a copy of any of the reports (complete agenda package), please contact the Town Administration Office and ask for Sarah Burton or Aline Brousseau.

Council Members 






Mayor Glenn Andersen 780-614-0260 780-645-4988 780-645-3149
Judy Bogdan 780-646-1263    780-614-3244
Edna Gervais 780-210-5104 780-645-3839  
Ken Kwiatkowski 780-645-0703 780-645-5141 780-645-5563
Norm Noel 780-614-1684 780-645-4967 780-645-6522
Don Padlesky 780-645-0053 780-645-5850  
Dwight Wiebe 780-290-0115 780-645-2030 780-645-5386