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Why A UFO Landing Pad?

Maybe the plaque says it best;

As mankind stands on the threshold of inter galatic travel, let us not forget our failures on earth. If we are to become voyageurs of space, we must learn the true meaning of tolerance to others that are different from us. We must remember that no matter how large the universe, the smallest creature has its place in the order of life.

If we fail to conquer disease and pestilance on earth, but instead transmit them to other planets, we shall never be welcome. If we fail to travel earth without destroying the enviroment, how shall we ever travel the universe safely.

If we cannot develop international goodwill among all men, how shall we ever develop inter galatic goodwill among all beings.

Lastly if mankind travels this earth or universe armed with kindness, tolerance, hope and good spirits we will always be welcome. 

Latest News

Latest News (5)

  • St. Paul Photo Enforcement

    October 2016 Automated Traffic Enforcement is expected to be operating at the following locations on the dates noted. Please be advised that it ...

  • Pool closure

     The pool is closed for annual maintenance. We will be opening again on Saturday Sept 24th. 

  • Terry Fox Run

    St Paul’s Annual Terry Fox Run September 18th Registration starts at 12:00 pm Run Starts at 1:00 pm The Terry Fox Foundation SINGLE M...

  • Pulled Pork Supper

      Town of St. Paul Friday, September 2nd, 2016 $3 per plate 5:00 p.m. Use the North doors of the Multi-Purpose Room at the Rec Centr...

  • Council Meeting

     The regular town council meeting on September 12th will start at 6:00 Pm rather than the standard time of 7:00 Pm. 

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St. Paul - A People Kind of Place

St. Paul is strategically located in the center of the northeast region of Alberta. With a population of 6,004 (Source: Town Census 2014), St. Paul is a major trading center for the surrounding area.

St. Paul's life-support is the rich agricultural land that surrounds the town, supplemented by the oil and gas industries.

But what really sets us apart are the people who call St. Paul home. We've always been "A People Kind of Place!"

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