The following policies are listed in order of department and then by policy number.  The letters and numbers at the beginning of each policy represent the policy number.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Legislative Services at 780-645-4481.


Public Works
PW 1704-01:  Snow and Ice Clearing Policy

Planning and Development

Community Services
CS 1200-01: Community Funding and Support Policy

Protective Services

Assessment and Taxation

How are policies developed and implemented?

Council is the primary policy-making body of the municipality.  Administration is responsible for carrying out Council's policy decisions.  Policies are typically developed to ensure accountability and transparency are paramount in maintaining public trust.  All policies have been adopted by resolutions of Council which will be found in the Council minutes.

What is a policy?
A policy is a guideline for administration to follow in making decisions best for the Town of St. Paul. It provides a framework for the delegation of decision making, eliminates misunderstandings, reduces uncertainties and enables goals and objectives to be met.